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{fashion inspiration | editorial: a study in pastel}

by roséline


. . . no one was happier than i, when pastels found their way into everything this spring, from dresses to shoes, handbags, and even hair, [for they have been a favorite since the beginning of time], and so, was deliriously excited to happen upon the pink pleated skirts and elegant blue coats of this editorial in the june issue of marie claire australia, with its shimmery and sheer dresses, and some, strewn in flowers; pretty coloured hair and clouds of pastel dust, and most of all bow-wearing mint-hued dogs reminiscent of tim walker's famous pastel cats . . .



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{two lovely things : french tourmaline & gray diamonds}

by roséline


jean vendome french tourmaline & diamond ring /// double fingers ring

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{of tea parties and wednesday musings}

by roséline



. . . as mentioned earlier, have been in a state of transition for the past year, and are very nearly at a place where we can settle down a little, and when that very moment arrives, the first thing we shall do is throw the grandest garden party / summer soirée, with the prettiest gold-rimmed china and roses everywhere, and you, of course, are invited . . .

{style inspiration | at the office : an elegant ponytail & an organza blouse}

by roséline


. . . crisp spring mornings turning to hazy summer days, calls for something a little lighter at the office: perhaps a pretty ponytail and a breezy organza blouse strewn in flowers . . .

[image: temperley london, london spring 2012 via solunars]


{a new week & a few lovely links}

by roséline


. . . this weekend, we packed our carryalls and the car, and headed to the countryside for a few days, leaving the bustle of the city behind for breakfasts in back gardens and handfuls of fresh-picked peonies; leaving meetings for sangria on waterside terraces, and emails for pralines & cream while strolling along the water's edge; and, despite it being a new work week, somehow, the languid pace of summertime seems to have already found its way . . .

hope you've had a beautiful weekend, and that your week is off to a perfect start, — roséline xo

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{great love stories № 09 | paul newman & joanne woodward}

by joey bailey for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles


"It is a risk to love. What if it doesn't work out?
Ah, but what if it does?"

-- Peter McWilliams


Golden : adj \ˈgōl-dən\ radiantly youthful & vigorous; of a high degree of excellence.

Fifty years, for any marriage is an extraordinary feat -- but, a Hollywood marriage?Why, it’s an eternity! Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward were famously dubbed the golden couple of Hollywood, and a better description could not be given -- blissfully happy, wonderfully grounded, and a charmingly lovely great love story by any standard . . .



{recently | via instagram : @thisisglamorous}

by roséline


. . . just a few glimpses of what has been happening around here lately: cupcakes and white lilacs and sterling roses; always more lilacs and crostini with brie & blue cheese and paper-thin apple slices, walnuts and apricots; brunch & champagne cocktails on a sunday morning and a wall of butterflies . . .


{p.s.} if you're on instagram, stop by to say hello @thisisglamorous, if you like x

[all photography by roséline with iphone & instagram]


{fashion inspiration | editorial: love out of lust}

by roséline


. . . we, p&i, have been running around for days, with no end in sight, [at least for another week or two], and on a bright thursday afternoon, the languid moodiness and beautiful dusky lighting in this editorial by annabel mehran for lula's spring summer issue, is a few moments of calm over another cup of coffee and an almond croissant, before it's off again . . .


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{décor inspiration | places: washington school house hotel}

by roséline


. . . built as a school in 1889, the washington school house hotel is now a luxury boutique hotel with twelve rooms/suites, a roaring fire and chic ski lounge, a heated pool terraced in the hillside, even; silvery velvet settees and gilded footstools, carerra breakfast tables and powder rooms too, chandeliers at every turn, and most of all, it promises wine, aspen trees and stars . . .



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{fashion inspiration | editorial: kristen stewart by tom munro for elle}

by roséline


. . . whether it's the beautiful antique wood bed frame or luxe brocades and yards upon yards of silk drapery and lovely lighting, or perhaps, it is the gowns by gucci, balenciaga, lanvin, and stella mccartney, whatever it may be, there is something quite captivating about this editorial . . .

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{on the dressing table : a myriad of beauty oils}

by roséline


. . . all winter long, the dressing table has been strewn with every kind of beauty oils imaginable -- elixirs for perfect skin, hair serums and body potions -- and since they work so beautifully and have become a fixture in the beauty regiment, shall continue through the summer -- and always, adding a few luxurious body shimmers to the mix for bare shoulders and legs and collarbones; despite the age-old belief that oils cause oily skin or breakouts, the opposite is actually true -- stripping away oils from the face can cause the skin to produce more oil, whereas adding oils -- argan, coconut, etc., does not; in fact, so in love with beauty oils, have also recently picked up an enormous container of raw organic virgin coconut oil from a health food shop to try as a body moisturizer, eye makeup remover, and even to tame the ends of tousled hair, and sarah has wondered about the possibility of grape seed oil for the face [although not quite certain about that one!] -- would love to know -- do you use beauty oils, and if so, which ones are your current favourites?


{french lace & slants of sunlight}

by roséline



. . . and it would seem that our lives have been in flux for the past year or more, as is often the case after enormous, life-changing decisions have been made, and today, just moments ago, there was a handyman installing a new chandelier in the bedroom, and a photographer and bright flashes and rapid clicks moving through the rooms, and it feels, as if, after all this, time, it's really about to happen . . .





[image sources & credits : 3.1 phillip lim pashli satchel in nude, photography by fashion toast /// the wild fleur /// monmondefou /// hotel hospes lancaster paris /// classy in the city /// ysvoice]


{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}

by joey bailey for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles


Adventurers : \əd-ˈven-chər\ those who undertake or encounter exciting or remarkable experiences

Aptly dubbed the ‘power-couple’ of the nineties, John F Kennedy Jr & Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy were modern American royalty. Both astoundingly attractive and wonderfully smitten with each other, they were written about and commented on almost daily in gossip columns and tabloids. Quintessentially American and breathtakingly stylish, people the world over desperately sought their style. This splendidly glamorous great love story existed in private jets and White House gala dinners, daring adventures and then, quite catastrophically, ended suddenly and tragically . . .

{hope you've had a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

by roséline




. . . bits of our weekend included the requisite eggs benedict and champagne cocktail at sunday brunch, this time, in the garden of a favourite french restaurant; and there were also butterflies and white lilacs, and drinks on another sunny terrace in another part of town, dappled in patches of golden sunlight and the scent of a million more lilacs . . .

hope you've had the most intoxicatingly lovely late-spring weekend, and that it's beautiful where you are, — roséline xo

[as always, a few lovely links below] x


{travel | book review : marrakesh by design}

by roséline


. . . . . . have you had a chance to flip through any new décor books lately? was so excited when the publishers of marrakesh by design sent along a copy a few weeks ago, as had been meaning to pick one up as soon as possible; written [& photographed!] by friend and fellow blog author maryam from my marrakesh, it includes all the exotic splendour that is marrakesh, including the luxurious mix of rich colours, billowing fabrics, mosaic tiles, and, of course, beautiful sequinned wedding blankets; also included is an exploration of morrocan architecture, styling tips, and even recipes for at-home hammam beauty treatments such as olive oil hair & face masks; very much looking forward to a few moments to this weekend to flip through the pages and become lost in the magic that is morocco . . .



{p.s.} a glimpse of peacock pavilions, maryam's home and boutique guesthouse, [nestled in an olive grove on the outskirts of marrakesh], below x

{of whirlwind weeks & hello}

by roséline


. . . and it has been one of those sporadic weeks, here, due mostly, to much-needed time spent out of the office, time for lunch dates and art galleries, with only a few meetings and appointments here & there, and even less time to catch up on emails and all of the beautiful things had been meaning to share -- and so, just a quick hello, to tell you that before the week is up, there is still to come, a book review and this week's [heartbreakingly lovely] love story . . .

à bientôt & happy friday! —roséline xo

{p.s.} have been terribly behind on the what to pack sections of the {take me away} series, but have just completed the first, for take me away № 30 | sail away with me

[image: kate moss at the louis vuitton spring 2012 ready-to-wear show via kiss me you animal.]